Court Reports

The Medicare system is intended for the treatment of those with mental health issues and its focus is on primary health care. The mental health care plans thus cover 'focussed psychological strategies' for the treatment of these issues.

There is often an overlap between psychological issues and trouble with the law. Although medicare will pay for the treatment of a legitimately diagnosed problem. It does not pay for psychological assessments (especially if they are not related to treatment) and it  does not pay for court reports.

A court report also requires a level of investigation that is more detailed and specific than that usually carried out by a psychologist in a treatment situation. So even if a client has seen a psychologist for a number of sessions a court report will require extra time. 

Many judges also prefer if a report is not written by the treating psychologist.

At Uplift we  offer these services at the Australian Psychological Society recommended rate of $ 241 per hour. The amount of time required will vary according to the complexity of the case and the client presentation.

Reports for Centrelink Disability Pension.

We do not do these reports at all. Centrelink may require a report from your treating psychologist documenting the treatment you have received for a period of longer han two years. If required they will send you to one of their own Clinical Psychologists for an assessment of disability. Money paid to us for such reports is wasted.