Marital and Family Therapy

Couples Counselling is a long established and successful method of helping couples to manage difficulties and crisis, some issues like domestic violence or sexual dysfunction are often more effectively dealt with in couples. We can also help people with communication issues or relationships in crisis or at risk of breaking down.

Family Therapy is when the whole family is seen as a process of helping them 'unstick' . This methodology is based on the idea that we cannot really separate a behaviour from the context in which it occurs, or perhaps that child behaviour issues require parental management skills. In this model one person is seen as the symptom carrier fro the family or the 'identified patient' but the whole family is rather seen as the focus of treatment.

Neither of these methods is covered by medicare and so we are offerring them as 'private consultations' at the Medicare rate ($125 per hour). This is again a substantial discount to fees elsewhere and is part of our mission to bring psychological services to those populations in need.