Psychological Testing

There are a number of services that many people require that Medicare does not fund. Psychological Assesments is one of these. Although we have previously been exclusively bulk billers we are now extending our services to include privately funded sessions. These will all be billed at the medicare rate of $125 per hour. This allows us to offer services that may cost thousands of dollars if obtained elsewhere at a much more manageable rate.

Generally a single test will be billed at a rate of three hours ($ 375-00) which will allow for the assessment to be done scores and a report written. A follow up session if required can be billed through Medicare or if a MHCP is not in place at the regular rate ($ 125)

We offer:

Cognitive Assessments

The Wechsler Pre School and Primary Scales (WPPSI)

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales  (WAIS)

The Wechsler Memory Scales (WMS)


If you require any other assessmenets we can also do this (ADD ADHD) or ASD