About Us

In November of 2006, Medicare was extended to cover psychological services meaning that people who are referred by their general practitioners are now able to receive up to 10 sessions of psychological treatment/counselling provided they are assessed to be eligible for the scheme by their GP, psychiatrist, or pedeatrician.

Uplift Psychological Services was established in March of 2007 to provide these services on a BULK BILLED (no charge to the patient) basis. We have continued to do this in the face of increasing costs until now. Unfortunately circumstances are forcing us to change. Our model has changed since June the first 2021. We attempt to be as affordable as possible and our fee for those who are employed is $50-00 above the Medicare fee. Those on a pension are still bulk billed.

We employ a number of different psychologists of different ages and genders who have a wide range of expertise with different problem areas and populations. We currently offer therapy in English, Turkish, Afrikaans, Hindi, Greek, and Urdu.

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