Who Needs Psychologists

We all can need help at certain times in our lives.

Our clients are ordinary human beings who have had difficult experiences or are having a problem for which they need professional help. One in five Australian’s will experience a problem in their life that may need psychological treatment. Some of these are problems in living situations that are hard to cope with, some of these relate to trauma or abuse, some are circumstantial (illness or death or relationship breakdown). Sometimes people develop symptoms (anxiety or depression) with which they need assistance, others suffer from alcoholism, drug dependency or other addictions. Yet others suffer severe mental issues and require help.

Many of our clients tend to minimise their problems and tell us that they are sure there are people more in need than they are.

No matter what difficulty you have or how small or large you think it is – talking to a psychologist can help. The hardest part is taking the first step.

The second hardest part is developing trust in the psychologist and staying the course. We will help and support you through the process.

Client’s often remark that their problem must be so much smaller than the problem of someone else that we see, or that their problem is small in comparison to someone who they see on TV. The truth is there is no scale of problem size. Different people struggle differently with different things, people each carry their pain in their own way.

It does not matter how big or small someone else thinks your problem is. It only matters how big you feel it is and that life is too important to let too much of it be spoiled by pain.

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