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Psychologists are able to treat a number of different issues. We treat adults, children, teenagers, couples and families. We help parents to manage troubled children. We help people deal with stress and depression or anxiety. We treat substance abuse and people who are addicted to gambling or the internet. Our clients range from people who are struggling with issues in life to those who are seriously mentally ill. We treat couples with marital problems or sexual functioning issues, impotence or erectile difficulties. We have a number of psychologists who deal with addictions to alcohol, gambling, food, sex, heroin, methamphetamine and other substances.

Some of the most common problems that we treat are:

Adjustment Disorder

Eating Disorders

Problem Gambling





Marriage & Relationship Problems


Behaviour Problems

Mental Disorders

School Problems


Methadone Support

Sexual Problems

Bipolar Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Sleep Problems


Panic Attacks





Drug Use

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Worker’s Compensation

And More ...


We are able to provide services to people who are plan managed under the NDIS. We need to draw up and submit a service agreement in order to this. Please discuss your needs with the practice manager.

Marital and Family Therapy

Medicare does not coverthis service but we are able to provide it privately at $185 per hour. Please discuss your needs with the practice manager.

Victims Compensation

We are able to provide limited treatment to those who are victims of crime and being managed by victims compensation.

are not covered under the Medicare system we are able to provide them but they must be funded separately. Please discuss this with reception. We are unable to provide reports for the disability pension.

Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle CTP claims

We are able to provide services to injured workers on workers compensation and those injured in motor vehicle accidents. Your insurer needs to approve these sessions.

Veterans Services

We are able to provide services to Veterans and eligible family members.

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