What to Expect

Seeing a Psychologist is usually a rewarding experience – the things you have to speak about may be difficult, but the psychologist should help you feel as comfortable as possible. You only need say as much as you are comfortable with. Sometimes it may take a few weeks before you trust the psychologist enough to say more.

Psychologists don’t prescribe drugs – we do the ‘talking cure’. Some psychologists give homework, some concentrate on the thoughts you have, others on understanding the way you feel. In any event, the process takes some time.

Psychologists usually see clients every week for a few weeks in a row. You may not feel better straight away, sometimes people may feel worse before they begin to feel better – it is important to persevere. It is also important not to miss appointments. Sometimes the process is hard and your instinct may be to avoid the session. Sometimes you may feel the psychologist did not understand or may not be able to help. It is important to go to the session and discuss this with your psychologist.

Psychological treatment is a partnership between therapist and client. It is a general rule that “the more you put in the more you get out” of the process. Sometimes it has taken you a lifetime to get to this point, and it may take a little while to move away from it.

What you receive from treatment is entirely dependent on how much you put in.

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