Medicare and Psychology

Medicare covers up to 10 sessions of psychotherapy on referral from a general practitioner. The referral is initially for six sessions with a further four available on review. In addition,10 sessions of group therapy are available for groups of 6-10 people with similar issues.

The services are available to patients who are assessed by doctors to be eligible. The patient must be managed under a GP Mental Health Care Plan (Item 2700(2701) or 2715(2717), or have a psychiatric assessment and management plan (Item 291 or 293) and a Mental Health Care Plan must be in place.

Referrals can also be made by a Paediatrician. or Psychiatrist

At Uplift Psychological Services, we bulk bill all of our clients. There is no charge to you. It is however, imperative that the Mental Health plan or Psychiatric Management Plan is in place at the time of the referral or you will not be eligible for the service

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