Medicare and Psychology

Medicare covers up to 20 sessions of psychotherapy on referral from a general practitioner. The referral is initially for six sessions with a further four available on review. There are currently 10 extra sessions available under covid. When you pay our fee -which is set at approximately $50 above the medicare rebate the diference ( $128 or $88 is immediately paid into your account by Medicare.

The services are available to patients who are assessed by doctors to be eligible. The patient must be managed under a GP Mental Health Care Plan (Item 2700(2701) or 2715(2717), or have a psychiatric assessment and management plan (Item 291 or 293) and a Mental Health Care Plan must be in place.

Referrals can also be made by a Paediatrician. or Psychiatrist

It is however, imperative that the Mental Health plan or Psychiatric Management Plan is in place at the time of the referral or you will not be eligible for a rebate.

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